Young Scholars’ Workshop

Young Scholars’ Workshop 2017, Taiwan

The Young Scholars’ Workshop will be held on 14 December 2017, prior to the ALSA conference at NCTU School of Law .


The workshop encourages young scholars to do their research and writing relating to law-and-society topics of Asian societies, advances their knowledge and understanding of the field, and aims to build an intellectual community among them. It offers a valuable opportunity for the participants to receives insightful comments on their papers, go through profound discussions with the fellow researchers on research methodologies, analytical trends in the field, writing and publishing.


Doctoral students in the late stages of their education, research or post-doctoral fellows who completed their doctoral degrees no earlier than 2013, and faculty members in the first five years of their academic careers are eligible to apply (we do not accept applications from LL.M. or undergraduate students).

USD 500 Funding

The Workshop will provide up to USD 500 for travel and accommodation to each participant. Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and flight arrangements.


Please use the conference paper submission system to submit your paper to both the conference and the Young Scholars’ Workshop. Your abstract will be first considered by the conference committee. To be eligible to be considered for a position in the workshop, we request applicants to submit their full paper to by November 6, 2017. Decision will be announced by the end of November.

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