NCTU Law’s Welcome

At NCTU School of Law, we are committed to bridging the understanding of globalization and changes in international society to the demands of legal reforms. Our school is anchored upon the ideology to embrace an interdisciplinary approach towards social justice issues on humanity, labor, technology, medicine and business. The theme for the ALSA Conference this year aligns perfectly with our school vision. As the Dean of NCTU School of Law, I would like to invite scholars and practitioners cordially in the legal community from around the world to participate in the 2017 conference in Taiwan. Your participation and contribution will ensure a great time for sharing and exchange among passionate scholars and practitioners. We look forward to receiving you in December.

National Chiao Tung University School of Law

NCTU Law was established in year 2000. Our law school is one of the most sought-after resources by both public and private sectors in Taiwan. Over 50% of the founding judges in the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court are our alumni, and around 90% of IP professionals working at the nearby Hsinchu Science Park are trained by our law school. The excellence and reputation of our law school has achieved in the past decade is unsurpassed by any other institutes across the nation. Our full-time faculty members are young and enthusiastic. They hold doctorate degrees from distinguished universities in the world. We also have more than 30 adjunct faculty members consist of experienced judges, prosecutors, attorneys and entrepreneurs. Together, they provide a full-spectrum learning opportunity for our students. Although NCTU Law was build on solid and profound researches on intellectual property rights, in the past decade, NCTU Law goes beyond IP research and has remarkable achievements in many other fields. The expertise of our current faculty members includes:    

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Venture
  • Business Law and White-Collar Crime
  • Gender Equality, Labor Rights and Social Justice
  • Biotech and Health Law
  • Transnational Law and International Negotiation
  • Information and Communication Law
LIU Shang-Jyh

Dean, School of Law

LIN Chih-Chieh (Carol Lin),              

Associate Dean, School of Law

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