Announcements 20171211

Dear all,
Just a few more announcements before your departure for the 2017 ALSA Conference in Taiwan:

1.     Weather

The temperature on Dec 14-16 is between 17 to 21 Celsius (62 to 70 Fahrenheit) in Hsinchu. Chance of rain is high. Please be advised that Hsinchu can be very windy at this time of the year.

2.     Reception Dinner and Shuttle Bus Reservation

If you have not yet reserved a seat for the reception dinner and shuttle buses, please do so as soon as possible:
Depending on the traffic, the trip from Taipei to Hsinchu may take 60-90 minutes. The schedule for shuttle buses is as follows:

3.     Food and Beverage

(1) Conference
The main conference building is called the “Microelectronics and Information Research Center.” Refreshments will be served at level 1 during breaks. The dining area for lunch buffet is located at level 2.  Snacks will be provided in the afternoon break. Cold and hot water dispensers are both available outside the restrooms.
Hand dripped coffee is available for purchase on level 2. Please note that the hand dripped coffee stand only accepts NTD in cash. You may also purchase snacks, light food, and beverages from the food stand on level 2. The food stand accepts both credit card and cash.

(2) Reception
The reception dinner is at Landis Inn Chuhu Hotel in the evening of Dec 15. We will provide shuttle service from the conference venue to the hotel. There will be a table for vegetarians at the reception. If you signed up for vegetarian meal, please find a seat at the vegetarian table.

4.     Eco-friendly Measures

To limit the use of disposable products, we encourage all attendants to bring your own reusable container to the conference.

5.     Presentation Guidelines

Each room is equipped with a computer and a LCD projector. Presenters who wish to use PPTs, please bring a USB drive and copy the file to the computer before the session starts.

6.     Check-in

Please state your last name to complete the check-in process at the front desk.
A temporary front desk will be set up at the Ambassador Hotel for early check-in on Dec 14, 14:00-17:00.

7.     Currency Exchange

We strongly advise you to exchange some TWD cash at the airport. It is not uncommon for stores, restaurants, taxi, and other service providers to take only cash.

8.     Book Exhibitions

Cambridge University Press and Shinzansha Publisher have exhibition stands on level 1 of the Microelectronics and Information Research Center.
The attached is the finalized program schedule.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hsinchu.

ALSA Administration Team

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