Announcements 20171107

As we are finalizing our program schedule, we would like to make several announcements

1. Papers. 

Each panel will be managed by its chair. We will send the contact information of the panelists to every chair, the chairs will then make contact with the panelists. As the hosting institution, we do not manage individual papers. Please send the papers or PowerPoints to the chair of your panel instead of the Administration Team.

2. Travel plans. 

It is time to make travel plans. We should have enough hotel room for everyone, nevertheless, we encourage you to make hotel reservations as soon as possible. We will provide shuttle buses on Dec. 14 and Dec. 15 to pick up attendants from Taipei Miramar Hotel and Hsinchu Ambassador Hotel in the morning and drop off in the evening. We will send out a survey later this month to make sure every person who needs shuttle service gets a seat. You should also check if you need a visa to enter Taiwan. If you need our assistance, please send your assistance request to .

3. Getting from Taoyuan Airport to Hsinchu. 

Getting from Taoyuan Airport to Hsinchu using mass transportation system involves multiple transfers. As most people will arrive in Taiwan on 14th, if you wish to avoid the troubles of traveling on mass transportation system with your luggage, we suggest you use the hotel pick up service and share the fee with a fellow attendant.

4. Money. 

The currency exchange rate between USD and TWD is around 1:30. We recommend you to exchange some TWD cash at the airport. It is not uncommon for stores, restaurants, taxi, and other service providers to take only cash.

For more information, please clink HERE.

5. Food. 

During the conference, we will provide 2 lunches and 1 reception dinner. We apologize for not able to provide special meals except for vegetarians. However, we did request our food providers to make sure that the vegetarian dishes are 100% vegetarian, and to provide a variety of choices. The reception dinner will be in traditional Chinese format, which is usually 10-12 people a table. Those who prefer vegetarian dinner will have to sit together. In addition to the survey on shuttle bus, we will send out a survey to determine how many people prefer the vegetarian table.

6. 2-day Tours. 

We would like to encourage you to take advantage of the 2-day tours we provide. Traveling in Taipei City is easy, but this is not the case for eastern and most of the southern area of Taiwan. Attending our tours will not only save you the trouble of planning, but also take you to places hard to get to on your own. The reservation deadline for the tours is Nov. 10.

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